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Welcome to Silverpine


 If you're looking for reliable, high-quality, beautiful cabinets, simply contact us and make an appointment. We'll make sure that your kitchen, bathroom, office or entertainment furniture exceed your expectations.

As a small business, Silverpine Cabinets looks at each job as if the cabinets were going in their own home. And with a lifetime guarantee on many of the hardware pieces, we know that you will love your Silverpine cabinets for as long as you live in your home.

About the Company:

Silverpine Cabinets. is small-and we like it that way. Sheldon has well over 20 years in the construction & cabinetry business, and David is approaching a decade in carpentry & fine furniture. Our small team has seen hundreds of customers walk away happy.

Who do we deal with:

Silverpine Cabinets has a wide range of clientele, our customers range from architects and designers to contractors and privates with a few dealers to round out our client base.


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